The Aiki Fit class is a great idea.

The end of the pandemic seems to be on the horizon – which is a relief — but it also introduces a new concern: how much has our physical stamina diminished over the past year, and how long will it take for us to get back to where we were? The Aiki Fit class is a great idea if you’ve been wondering the same.
Sensei’s workout plan for the Aiki Fit class is designed to mimic what a Shodan test feels like and the stamina required for it. With the goal of maintaining good form over a number of reps the workout remains challenging, with maximum benefit, and ideal for each body.
Coming to the dojo is an important aspect too: its space made for training with no interruptions by family or work. By committing to being at a certain place and time you’re more likely to show up and work out. There’s also the benefit of working together in a group: we encourage each other to keep going and to go further than we would at home. 

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