Shodan Promotion

Shodan Promotion

“Brent, Congratulations on a very strong performance.”
-Sensei Dennis Main, 6th Dan, Shidoin, Chief Instructor

“Proud Teacher and even more proud best friend! A cultivation of many years of hard work, dedication and commitment. Shodan translates as ‘Serious Student’, welcome to this new level of training Brent-san, you earned it!”
-Sensei Jonathan Weiner, 4th Dan, Shidoin, Dojo Cho

“Brent’s put in a lot of work over the year’s and it’s paid off – I couldn’t be more proud of him.”
-Jim Hyde, 2nd Dan, Instructor

“The energy Brent gave me was consistent & controlled – his power the result of posture/position rather than force. Always easy to take ukemi that kind of nage… I mean until you get exhausted! 😉 Truly wonderful preparation, Brent! Congrats!”
-Ed Haponick, 2nd Dan

“Best Shodan test I have ever seen, at any seminar.”
-Richard Pierce, 1st Dan

“This test was amazing. Brent-san’s composure, power, and control were spot on. His techniques were clean and his movements were crisp. But, frankly, we have all come to expect those things from him. What really stood out for me was his zanshin. He was totally engaged with his uke and never let his intention drop. It was very Budo. As always, Brent-san set the bar pretty high – looks like those of us following behind have a lot of homework to do!”
-Matthew Ladenheim, 1st Kyu

“Brent’s Shodan test performance inspires me to be better in my own practice.”
-Jack Freund, 2nd Kyu

“Congratulations to one of the best of our dojo – good natured, skilled and kind. Brent is the kind of person O’Sensei was thinking of when he created the art.”
-Zahid Buttar, 2nd Kyu

“Congrats Brent! I was throwing the confetti months before because I knew you was going to pass! You deserve it!”
-Jonathan Tucker, 3rd Kyu

Brent has always been a great sempai and role model for me. It’s amazing to see him accomplish something that so important to him and that he’s worked toward for so long!
-Dan Lantos, 4th Kyu

“Congrats on achieving this new milestone in your Aikido journey. You are a great example of what a black belt leader looks like.”
-Manuel McGrinson, 4th Kyu

“Brent, your absolutely solid Shodan test truly exemplified the high level of Aikido understanding and execution we promote at Aikido of Charlotte. It has always been a joy to learn from you and train with you, and I’m tremendously excited for you reaching this point in your Aikido journey. Congratulations!”
-Michael Grande, 5th Kyu

“I’ll never forget how much Brent-san helped me when I was just starting out and trying to learn how to roll and fall correctly. I am grateful to him as a mentor and friend! So glad I was able to see his phenomenal test and witness his promotion he so clearly deserved.”

-Kelsey Cillo, 5th Kyu

“Brent was my first contact when I and my son visited the Dojo. I, and my son, were able to watch Brent teach the children’s class. The polite and respectful etiquette of the AOC Dojo was represented very well by Brent. So much so that I signed up for my son and myself.
Brent is still my son’s favorite Sensei 🙂 I myself got the opportunity to observe Brent for the last 4 month and could see him prepare for his Shodan test. I am just in awe by watching and hope that one day I will be able to follow his footsteps. Congratulations for your well deserved “Black Belt”

-Franz Hufnagl, 6th Kyu

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