I’m speaking with Zahid Buttar, 3rd Kyu

I’m speaking with Zahid Buttar, 3rd Kyu

Weiner Sensei: Z-san, What led you to Aikido?

Z-san: I wanted to learn self defense and the timing in my life was right. Atfer I started I realized this was the thing that could help my mobility and health as I age.

Weiner Sensei:  How would you describe class at our dojo?

Z-san: Our class format of warming up and then going from simple to complex in movements and techniques is outstanding. Everyone looks out for you and the Sensei’s are present to correct if needed. Great environment to learn.

Weiner Sensei: What are your short term goals as a student?

Z-san: Shodan.

Weiner Sensei:  What are your long term goals as a student?

Z-san: I want to age well, definitely continue to learn and give back to the dojo and Aikido community in whichever way I can.

Weiner Sensei:  What does it take to be a committed student?

Z-san: Being committed means you show up. It also means to have a mind wide open, ego checked at the door (or even locked in your car), willingness to take critiques from those who have gone before you and a spirit to serve (in whatever capacity Sensei asks you) those who are coming along after you.
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