I’m speaking with Kelsey Cillo, 6th Kyu

I’m speaking with Kelsey Cillo, 6th Kyu

Weiner Sensei: Kelsey-san, What led you to Aikido?

Kelsey-san: I’ve always felt like I wanted to know more about self-defense, but I really wanted to pick the martial art that was right for me. I had thought about other striking arts like karate, but ultimately I felt like I needed something more peaceful. Aikido was the perfect fit!

Weiner Sensei:  How would you describe class at our dojo?

Kelsey-san: A class at the dojo is exactly what I need to turn a bad day into a great day. The positive energy from our group is infectious! Everyone is so patient and willing to help one another learn and train. It’s a space I feel very safe.

Weiner Sensei: What are your short term goals as a student?

Kelsey-san: My short term goals as a student are to improve my shikko, to memorize the 2nd jo kata, and to successfully pass my 5th kyu test! I want to be solid on all of my testing techniques and feel confident the day of the test.

Weiner Sensei:  What are your long term goals as a student?

Kelsey-san: I guess shodan is my most concrete long term goal at this point, but I also want to improve my technique overall. I want to be able to smooth out my movements and become as fluid as possible.

Weiner Sensei:  What does it take to be a committed student?

Kelsey-san: You must acknowledge that it’s a journey you can’t make overnight. It takes small steps of dedication over time to really succeed and it’s a commitment you choose every day. You decide if you will put in the effort to make your goals reality. And deciding to commit feels amazing!

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