I’m speaking with Chuck Burgess, 4th Kyu

I’m speaking with Chuck Burgess, 4th Kyu

Weiner Sensei: Chuck-san, What led you to Aikido?

Chuck-san: My mother is mixed Japanese-Filipino and I grew up very close to her side of the family. I’ve been involved in a marital art ever since I was a little kid and I had always wanted to try Aikido because of the culture and tradition that surrounds it.

Weiner Sensei:  How would you describe class at our dojo?

Chuck-san: Refreshing. I sometimes have long, mentally and emotionally exhausting days at the counseling center and I’ll get home just want to crash. Those days it’s easy to find an excuse to stay home. But every time I kick myself into gear and get myself to class I’m glad I did.

Weiner Sensei: What are your short term goals as a student?

Chuck-san: I’m currently preparing for 3rd kyu and that’s where most of my attention is focused these days. I’d also like to start getting to class at least three times a week or more, which can be challenging when balancing part time jobs and being a newlywed.

Weiner Sensei:  What are your long term goals as a student?

Chuck-san: I’m looking at aikido to be a life-long commitment. I’d like to achieve shodan someday and start working my way through the dan ranks, but I want to savor the journey. I’ve always loved teaching and would like to work my way into a teaching role for kids or beginners.

Weiner Sensei:  What does it take to be a committed student?

Chuck-san:Dedication and preparation. I know for me that I need to stop thinking about aikido as something extra that I do on top of the other things going on in my life and start thinking about it as an essential part of my day.

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