Student Spotlight – Dan Lantos

dan lantos - aikido of charlotte

Today, I’m speaking with Dan Lantos, 4th Kyu Weiner Sensei: What led you to Aikido? Dan-san: I had been interested in learning martial arts for many years; at age 37, I decided to stop delaying and sign up. I found that Aikido best matched my personality; I work in health care, and I like the…

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Speed. What not to focus on.

Aikido of Charlotte Blog

The biggest challenge I see in students, especially ones in the 1-3 year mark is the ability to slow down as nage. I know the struggles. I was there too. We, especially the men want to move fast. We want to move as fast as our teachers. We want to move fast because we think…

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Student Spotlight – Manuel McGrinson

Student Spotlight - Manuel McGrinson - Charlotte NC

Weiner Sensei: What led you to Aikido? Manuel-san: I think my main draw to Aikido was its wholistic approach to martial arts. While Aikido is an effective self-defense tool, the artistry and philosophy that accompanied it, set it apart. My appreciation for Samurai principles and Japanese culture might have had something to do with it…

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Lineage Lounge at Aikido of Charlotte

2017 Aikido Video Lineage - Aikido of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

Video Series Our Lineage celebrates our 1 year anniversary in our new dojo with USAF Technical Committee Member, Andy Demko, 7th Dan, Shihan, Chief Instructor, Aikido of Charlotte, Dennis Main, 6th Dan, Shidoin and Dojo Cho, Aikido of Charlotte, Jonathan Weiner, 4th Dan, Shidoin. Film and Edited by Peter Carolla. Aikido of Charlotte, Inc. 10230…

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Interviewing our Dojo Cho…

J. Weiner, 4th Dan, Shidoin - Aikido of Charlotte - Charlotte, NC

Ed-san: A lot of people talk about aikido’s effects on its practitioners’ daily lives – that it isn’t just limited to the mat. How has aikido influenced your everyday experience? Weiner Sensei: My understanding is that O-Sensei created Aikido not only to effectively train our bodies but to bring people together in harmony. Meaning, I feel he…

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Origins Of the Jo Staff

Jo - Aikido of Charlotte, USAF Dojo, Charlotte, NC

The martial arts are a pretty dogmatic discipline. We tend to practice techniques as instructed, concentrating less upon the historical context from which they arose. It’s ironic because so many of the legendary teachers and grandmasters whose skill we seek to emulate were, themselves rebels and revolutionaries. I like to think that in aikido, which…

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Why Seminars?

aikido summer camp

Why Seminars? As an Aikido practitioner and teacher, I have attended over 100 Aikido seminars.  I want to point out why and what to expect if you’re new, experienced (3rd Kyu – 1st Kyu) or Yudansha (Black Belt).  Sure, I attend seminars for a few different reasons now than when I first started but here…

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What you do matters.

Most Experienced Aikido Charlotte Dojo - Leadership

I want to share something important with you all: What you do matters. I learned long ago that the best chances of my success is to study the habits of the most successful people I can get access to in a particular field. In 2012 as I started my Aikido journey I studied the best…

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Most Experienced Aikido Charlotte Dojo

CORE in all aspects of my life is more important than ever.  CORE Nutrition.  CORE Dedicated Aikido Practice.   CORE Supplementation.  You get the point. In Aikido, especially if reaching Black Belt if your goal.  You need to physically have a Strong CORE.  Lower Back/Abs = Centering.  This will not only make your Nage-waza better, as…

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