Rich gets promoted to Shodan!

Well, after 9 years of hard work, practice and training, we are please to announce Richard’s promotion to Shodan at the USAF Regional Aikido Seminar hosted by Aikido Center of Atlanta and Peachtree Aikikai. USAF Technical Committee, Andy Demko, 7th Dan, Shihan presided over the test and his remarks were, “Pretty Solid…good conditioning…I thought he was well prepared”

Here are some highlights from the test!

We had 12 Members of our dojo attend the seminar and support Rich, it was a great time! Classes were taught by Yamada Shihan, Demko Shihan, and Elson Sensei, there was a great energy and our students of all levels enjoyed themselves thoroughly on and off the mat. USAF Black Belt testing is a rite of passage that is done at one of a handful major seminars in the country in front of anywhere from 80-400 people, Rich was extremely focused, poised and performed exceptionally well.

Aikido Charlotte
Aikido Charlotte

Is Aikido a hobby?

By Jonathan Weiner | March 5, 2022

One of the internal questions I ask myself weekly is how do I keep my students engaged in Aikido? First, it’s probably important to classify what Aikido is and what it means to people.  Some may call it a hobby. Well by definition, Hobby means, “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”…

Teacher versus Instructor

Teacher versus Instructor.

By Jonathan Weiner | December 28, 2021

Teacher versus Instructor. In Aikido, I feel both of these terms tend to be used interchangeably. I beg to differ. An active, serious aikido student — someone with 3+ years of consistent 3-4 X a week practice and seminar attendance (2-3X a year) — can achieve 2nd Kyu and maybe even 1st Kyu. Depending on…

There is Etiquette in everything we do - even the Seminar Group Photo.

There is Etiquette in everything we do – even the Seminar Group Photo.

By Jonathan Weiner | November 24, 2021

There is Etiquette in everything we do – even the Seminar Group Photo. So the morning classes just ended, everyone is dehydrated, ready for lunch, Yudansha are about to start folding hakamas and the host dojo says, “Let’s all get in front of the kamiza for a group photo.” Now, this sounds like a simple…