2012 Friendship Seminar

The Friendship Seminar at Aikido of Charlotte was most informative and enjoyable. There was an air of excitement and sense of camaraderie shared by all the participants. The two classes I attended highlighted the dynamic beauty of Aikido. Phi Sensei focused on Irimi and Tenkan, and the varied techniques applicable to them. He exhibited the flowing beauty of Aikido, the subtlety and softness of the art flowing into the deadly effectiveness of the technique. Weiner Sensei, in his signature calm manner, focused on maximum effect and showed the devastating strength of Aikido through several techniques. His movements were quick yet he always maintained his inner calmness – his style a picture of dynamic beauty in motion!

-Leon Allsopp, Student

Friendship seminars are always a great opportunity to connect and share with local aikidoka. The afternoon classes tended to focus on more advanced techniques and weapons; both subject I enjoy at a seminar. Huff Sensei worked on kumitachi (paired sword excersizes), stressing that weapons work in Aikido is advantageous for developing proper maai (combative distance). It also teaches one how to stay light on the feet and move quickly in order to maintain the proper maai. Main Sensei worked on henka waza/kaeshi waza (changing techniques and reversal techniques). His focus was on developing the ability to feel how the uke is responding/resisting during a technique and then people able to change or reverse techniques to take advantage of their energy. These subtle and advanced techniques were really enjoyable to work on and I think I managed to take a lot away from the seminar.

-Jim Hyde, Senior Student

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